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4 Ways To Enhance Feminine Energy

4 Ways To Enhance Feminine Energy

Considering we live in a society where feminine energy is not glorified but rather suppressed.. We are taught that the only way to truly succeed in a man's world is by.... well,
being more like men.
They tell us “we need to be more aggressive, combative & competitive.. And to leave that emotional shit at home”
So you know what happens? We as children begin to associate feminine energy with weakness and that's why most of us have lost touch with our true essence.
So with that being said, the end goal of this feminine journey we all decided to embark on is to be able to switch between masculine and feminine roles(predominantly feminine)
considering you need both to manifest your desires, you feel what i'm saying?
Now let me clarify something real fast, I do agree that masculine energy is needed! A dream is only a dream without action, right?
So while I absolutely agree that  smashing through your short term goals is essential for your long term success, The problem is that women have a tendency to STAY in that energy which is the reason most of us burn out and feel overwhelmed or worse, unfulfilled.
Fulfillment comes from tuning in and connecting to our soul, being in alignment with that we do which constantly reminds us of our purpose and mission. When we lose touch with that it is easy for us to then feel disconnected to everything around us. I am so guilty of falling into this rabbit whole of a mindset because as capricorn women I resonate and feel more comfortable in masculine energy which has hindered me in a lot of ways
5 ways to enhance feminine energy shakti creations

1.) Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming(also known as V-Steam) is a gentle steam that is infused with dried organic herbs that targets the vulva.
The warmth and moisture of the steam increases circulation to the vulva causing it to open up and expose the inner labial mucous membrane! This tissue is known for being super porous and absorbent allowing the herbs to infuse their benefit.
Ok I literally cannot stress enough how much I love yoni steaming! V-Steaming is also good for releasing stored emotions and anxiety, enhances creativity, Relieves tension, aids sexual traumas 
5 ways to enhance feminine energy

3.) Exercise & Eat Right

Eating - Right… food is literally energy so if you’re eating crap every single day.. Snacking, eating fast food more often then you should, prepare to feel bloated and like shit for the next few days..
Its impossible to stay productive and consistent with your goals when you don't “feel” like doing anything..
Which leads me to my second point, Exercising!
I know how hard and intimidating exercising can be, its hard and uncomfortable I knowww but it doesn't have to be.
Exercising can be anything from yoga, going out for a skate (Rollerblades, skateboards, ect..) going for a swim,  or pole classes. Pole is my all time favorite because you seem to get a little bit of everything. A great workout, a healthy and supportive community, an amazing way to connect with your inner goddess and learn to accept and love your body
All these things are considered active and I encourage you to do something active everyday, not only because it will improve your energy levels but it really just enhances our confidence 
We not only LOOK good but we feeeel good we don't feel laggy and shitty which leads to procrastination which THEN leads to not getting anything done, we need to be in a space where we feel alert and ready to tackle our goals in whatever way we can. You know?
5 ways to enhance feminine energy shakti creations

4.) A Day Off 

clean space, clean mind, this one is more personal preference because I know not everyone likes to clean but I still feel it goes hand in hand with the topic and you'll find out why in a minute.
Cleaning your space is so important because we truly don't realize how much of OTHER people's energy we invite into our homes without even realizing it.
Clean your house, organize your drawers organize your closet, make sure your clothes are clean, make sure your bed sheets are clean! Especially if you have dogs and let them on your bed (Guilty..)
Once you tidy up and organize everything burn some sage and smudge your space to clear out any stagnant or stuck energy. another good way to clear out energy if you have sensitivity to smoke lighting a reiki infused candle will be your best bet! Your home should be your sanctuary, your place of peace and tranquility.
Think about how you feel when you come home from a long day of work.. The only thing on your mind is how much you want to go home and chill, take a shower and go to bed. You walk into a messy, unorganized home..
You feel EVEN MORE overwhelmed, No?!
Why? because your house is filled with stagnant energy, when this happens you're unable to properly wind down and quiet your mind gradually as you get ready for bed. Its harder to get restful sleep this way.
I can guarantee you will be overwhelmed, and overthinking up until the time you go to bed, Which then leads to not being able to sleep and mindless instagram scrolling till 3am.. Now, I know we're all guilty of doing this but, its just a very masculine thing to do.. And the goal here is MORE FEMININITY LADIESSSSS! 
So start now, not tomorrow not next week.. clean up, buy some reiki infused candles and get into your self care baby cos if you dont take care of you.... who will?