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Our Story

Shakti Creations Our story


“Shakti" is an ancient, Sanskrit word meaning "divine feminine energy." Our mission at Shakti Creations is to encourage the embrace of the divine feminine within so that it may be expressed without. It is our sincere wish that this process helps establish a state of peace in your life by fortifying your divine feminine to counterbalance the prevailing masculine energy of our times.

We started Shakti Creations with that goal in mind: to create candles that are more than just beautiful scents but also powerful tools of ritual to embrace the divine feminine, through simple acts of self-care, difficult acts of self-acceptance and ultimately, acts of self-love. 

Let the flames of our creations be your guiding light to a place and time just for you, where you can reconnect with you, where you can care for you, love you and be you. You, the divine feminine.